Welcome to Mr. Milkweed's Shop!

We have six types of Milkweed, native all over the Continental US. Check the maps to verify that it is native to your area.

Seed orders that ship to an address that is clearly a school, library, museum, or nature center
will receive 30% additional seed with their order.

Free milkweed seed balls and planting instructions with all orders. We ship within the Continental US.

Everything you need! Kit includes wildflower seeds, matrix, dibber, seed cup, directions and examples.

Makes about 200 1/2" diameter seed balls.

Make seed balls with your own screened compost. Comes with detailed and tested directions.

1 kg will make over 1000 1/2" seed balls.

Makes making seed balls fast, easy, and not so messy! A great activity for cold or rainy days. Just add seeds!

1 kg makes approximately 400 1/2" diameter seed balls.